Villamagna DOC The evolution of the species

Villamagna offers authentic and distinct products. He believes in a model that combines grapes of the highest quality and non-invasive processing, thus obtaining the elegant and powerful evolution of a wine that offers unique experiences to be enjoyed with all five senses.


Villamagna is a small medieval village in the province of Chieti, in Abruzzo, located 10 km from the white beaches of the Adriatic Sea and 10 km from the snow-capped peaks of the Majella massif. The town’s vocation to viticulture, and more generally to cultivation, is attested by its very name (in Latin “large farm”) and is of very ancient genesis. In fact, it appears for the first time in a papal bull of Niccolò II of 1059.

In more recent times, a group of enthusiasts, armed with knowledge and love for their land, began studies and research that led to the identification of one of the most suited for the production of great red wines and to create a Controlled Designation of Origin: the Villamagna DOC.


The Villamagna vineyards extend for only 85 hectares and make it one of the smallest appellations in the world. The distinctive feature of this area is given by the combination of clayey soils (which give the wine complex olfactory sensations, softness, longevity) and calcareous-marly (compact and deep color, intense and varied aromas, richness of alcohol), combined with severe excursions thermals between day and night. This translates into powerful but elegant wines, as if they were “a caress in a fist”.


The Controlled Designation of Origin is the result of close collaboration between the Villamagna producing companies, characterized by a strong spirit of belonging and respect for their territory. This is reflected in the strict disciplinary, which requires bottling in the production area of the best Montepulciano grapes, with a low yield per hectare and a high alcohol content that makes the Villamagna DOC an evolution of the species.